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Founders of diinsign


Hello and Salamualeikum,

I'm Berna and I founded this company together with my father Bekir.

With this company we would like to pursue our vision and show you how a small family becomes a company.

As Muslims, it is important to us to provide our Muslim community with an outlet where they can purchase beautiful decorative items for themselves and their loved ones. We would like to offer you a good price-performance ratio.

Our history

The name diinsign is a mixture of the two words "diin" (Arabic religion) and "design". The name came to me during a long car ride through mountain landscapes with my friends.

Our first steps

The beginnings of the founding were associated with many difficulties. Developing your own product takes a lot of time. Product ideas must be collected and materials tested. Costs must be calculated in order to be able to offer you fair prices. In addition, we had to take courses to master the technology for manufacturing the products

All in all, every step and every effort was worth it, because today we can offer you our products with the best of our knowledge and belief.


Today, my desk has become my workplace, my basement has become a packaging warehouse, my living room has become a photo studio, and my father's first store has become my production factory.