Work hard pray harder - key ring

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An ideal gift for yourself or for your loved ones to feel the connection to Allah in everyday life.

Always carry this inspiring message with you - be it on your keys or in your pocket.

Salah, the ritual prayer in Islam, is one of the fundamental pillars of this faith. It is a significant act of worship that is performed five times a day and represents the direct connection between the believer and Allah. The fixed prayer times - dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset and night - structure a Muslim's day.

During prayer, the believer faces the Kaaba in Mecca and performs certain ritual movements and verses from the Holy Qur'an. Prayer serves not only as a physical act of devotion, but also as a spiritual reflection and renewal of the connection to Allah. Salah promotes discipline, self-control and humility.

The significance of Salah extends beyond the individual act of worship - it strengthens the Muslim community as believers around the world simultaneously observe the same prayer times. Ritual prayer is thus not only a personal obligation, but also a bond that unites believers in their common spiritual journey.

Free delivery from 50€

Free delivery from 50€

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